Great brewers and distillers DEMAND great grain ingredients. 
IB&M is honored to provide all of your malting needs, delivered
right to the front door of your operation.

IB&M is reinventing the supply chain! While we invest in the development of Great Lakes regional barley and grains for brewing and distilling, we are able to bring in high-quality, familiar in ample supply, Western Canadian barley to the malthouse, using the gentle handling of marine transport into nearby ports such as Toledo.

There is no middleman. You work with us, unlike other malthouses that rely on large distributors.

The scale and efficiency of your malthouse means we can deliver high-quality ingredients at a lower cost when compared to smaller craft malthouses.

We are locating the malthouse in a great malt demand center, closer to you, our customers.

Our people and relationships bring advanced experience, infrastructure, and reliability. The Andersons is our exclusive barley supply partners, Kiewit continues to provide construction excellence, and Rauscher remains our engineering ally.

We expect that brewers and distillers insist on growth through new flavors, grain varieties, and extended research. Working with our Director of Malting, Vince Coonce, and our production team, will bring innovative ideas to life.

We care because we live here too and take pride in our home-grown roots, our neighbors, our community, our planet.