IB&M unites local farmers, local brewers and distillers, with local, world-class malt products at competitive prices. With our educational webinar series, we aim to provide information that will positively impact our industry.

From cutting-edge grain research, to the latest in barley varieties and pilot-malting, to specialty product intelligence and Custom Crafted Malts, we make it easier for our industry partners to build a dynamic, local ecosystem together!

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NEWEST: May 11, 2020 @4


Custom Crafted Malts Close
 to Home in Ohio
Vince Coonce, IB&M
Doug Beedy, IB&M
Eric Richer, OSU

Intro to the MSU Fermented Beverage Analysis Lab

Dr. Nicole Shriner, MSU

MSU Research Aims to Help Farmers Meet the Needs of Brewers

Dennis Pennington, MSU

Michigan Craft Beverage Council (MCBC) Crafting Connections from the Ground Up
Jenelle Jagmin, MCBC

Seeding Rate & Planting Date Impact on Malting Barley

Kalvin Canfield, MSU

Winter Malting Barley in Michigan –
Why, How, and What’s Next

Dr. Brook Wilke, MSU

Bring Barley Back: Developing Michigan’s Grain Supply Chain

Vince Coonce, IB&M