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Grow NY

IB&M Finalist in Grow-NY Food & Agriculture Innovation Contest

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Led by a diverse team of professionals and investors, Independent Barley & Malt, Inc. (IB&M) is preparing to construct a state-of-the-art commercial scale grain processing facility. IB&M will produce premium malted barley and other grains for licensed brewers, distillers, and specialty food manufacturers.


Barley Graphic

sourced and supplied from local to global.

Water GraphicWATER
from headwaters of five major Great Lakes tributaries:
The Grand River, Kalamazoo River, St. Joe River, Maumee Rivers and the River Raisin.

Heat GraphicHEAT
provided by Michigan Hub, LLC., an environmental solution with an economic upside.

Quality GraphicQUALITY
product that is exceptional and distinctive with specifications certified in our on-site lab.

guarantees quality of supply at the volume and price contracted.

by locating closer to our customers, utilizing lower cost transportation, and our own clean burning natural gas power plant.


Our mission is to achieve best-in-class products, processes, and partnerships.

World Class Malt

produced to the highest quality standards tested in our on-site lab.

Exceptional Customer Service

that is intimate and laser-focused to supply competitively priced custom contracts of high-quality products with increased supply chain control and unbeatable risk management services.

Local Leadership

that will invest back into the community through education, sponsorships, active participation, and strategic partnerships.

Environmental Sustainability

that will rely on strategic raw material sourcing, reduced energy use than competitors, thoughtful water usage, recycling, and wastewater discharge, lower-emission transportation, and development of secondary markets for process waste.

A Culture of Safety

from field to glass to ensure our operation is a safety success.

Unparalleled Innovation

leading the market to develop new products, operational improvements, and analytical innovations with emphasis on cutting-edge technology and automation to support company research and constant quality improvements.